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Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd is an independent distributor of electronic components, aiming to provide efficient and high-quality electronic component supply service to electronic manufacturers.We mainly supply FPGA Integrated Circuits,CPLD Integrated Circuits,DSP Integrated Circuits,MCU Integrated Circuits,PMIC Chips,Memory IC,RF & Wireless IC,Sensor,Diodes,Transistors,Capacitors,Resistors,Inductors,Fuses,Modules,Potentiometers,Connectors etc.
We have assembled a team with rich experience and expertise to understand and meet your needs.We sale high-quality new original items only,all shipments have to undergo stringent QA procedures.
We have strong purchasing and supply sources and offer one-stop service for hard-to-find,obsolete and long lead-time parts also. Chuanlan Electronics value cooperation,quality and efficiency ,let's work together,we will be your best partner.



Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China in 2019.


Cost Saving

As the industry is more competitive than ever, many companies are utilizing components parts or assemblies looking to drive savings wherever possible. Certainly, Chuanlan is very glad to help our customers save costing under the premise of ensuring new&original parts.

Chuanlan will offer One-Stop Solution to support a wide variety of customer purchase needs. Our global sourcing model enables us to regularly exploit pricing disparities between markets to provide significant cost reductions to our customers.We get very advantageous prices from world famous brand agents because of many years of cooperation.

In addition, specifically through our entity Supply Concepts, we are very well equipped to provide a primary or alternate source capability on a multitude of products .Currently, we support dozens of customers with various products within the supply concepts portfolio and without exception, at reduced pricing structures from the previous supplier. Given the combination of the "traditional" products and "alternate source" products Chuanlan can support, it can be said quite confidently that there is no other company within the industry that can support such a unique combination. Our product offerings directly dovetail the majority of the customers who are seeking supply chain efficiency and optimized pricing leverage.


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd


Quality Control
Chuanlan believes that regular supply channels are the basis,the testing process is one part of our quality commitment plan.All our products must undergo our wide-ranging testing process before they are sold or consigned and prepared for the shipment.To uses ISO9001's quality standard to comprehensively analyze our products in order to reduce the risk of electronic components in supply chain. At the same time, we have an authoritative third-party inspection agency as technical support, to help us complete the sample inspection of outbound goods.


Our Quality Control Processes include:

First stage preliminary inspection
▷ Manufacturer part number
▷ Manufacturer
▷ Quantity
▷ Date code
▷ lot number
▷ RoHS and MSL
▷ Physical state
▷ Packaging
▷ Barcode verification


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd  Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd    

Second stage in-depth inspection
▷ Verify the first stage test results
▷ Use high power microscope to verify whether components are qualified
▷ Security check
▷ Dimensional inspection
▷ Electrical performance test to verify the circuit value of the capacitor
▷ Chip surface chemical reagent test
▷ Acetone test
▷ Take pictures and record it in the database


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd  Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd

Third stage Advanced Inspection
We can also send components to professional testing organizations for higher-level testing according to customer's needs.
▷ Unsealing test
▷ Winding X-ray test
▷ Solderability
▷ Baking


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd  Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd   


ISO Certificate


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd



After-sales Service


1.All products we will offer one-year warranty;
2.We will provide a free return or exchange in case of quality problems.

After-sales service is not accepted as follows:
1. The original package and label of the product are damaged or missing.
2. Products that have been used/tested on the machine.
3. Customer's own reasons for the wrong order.



Payment Method


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd    



Shipping Mode




Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd





Our Team

Chuanlan is a professional and efficient team, each of our teams do their own duties, cooperate with each other, pursue common goals, promote the development of the company, improve efficiency, enhance market competitiveness, and help customers solve difficulties and needs, Chuanlan will be your best partner.


Shenzhen Chuanlan Electronics Ltd

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